Kenworth blue T880 40 inch sleeper truck with city skyline.
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Now is a great time to invest in a brand new Kenworth. The company’s newest 40 inch sleeper has been released onto the market. It can be ordered with the purchase of a T880 or T680.

The idea behind the 40-in. sleeper is provide individuals and companies that need the T880 for vocational purposes such as hauling large pieces of farm equipment, towing, and doing other things that require the use of a flatbed with a vehicle that will be more comfortable and convenient for long distance haulers.

Meanwhile, the company feels that with the development of the T680 with 40 inch sleeper, regional haulers will be able to enjoy the reduced expense that comes with adding a truly fuel-efficient tractor to their fleet. The way that the sleeper is designed, the weight of the tractor is reduced by 260lbs compared to the previous 52-in. regional sleeper Kenworth produced, making it easier for drivers to stay beneath weight restrictions.

Even though the 40 inch sleeper is compact, the Kenworth company hasn’t sacrificed driver comfort. In fact, by increasing the amount of storage available to the driver, they feel they’ve made the cab more comfortable and user friendly. The bed measures 24-inch wide by 78-in. long and can be lifted up into a 90-degree tilt which allows the driver to access a surprisingly roomy storage space beneath the mattress. In total, the driver will enjoy 22 cubic feet of storage space that they can use to store a wide assortment of gear and equipment. The tractor is also equipped with shelves for additional storage and a cubby for the driver’s cell phone. The doors have been equipped with standard toolboxes and there are hooks for coats, ball caps, and hard hats.

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