Heavy Truck Solutions Leak plugs
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Heavy Truck Solutions opened their doors in 2014 in Mesa, AZ to bring fleet owners and operators all of the parts and equipment they need for their heavy trucks. In September of 2014, Heavy Truck Solutions made their presence known in the industry by creating an innovative new solution to the problem of leaking fuel caps in Kenworth trucks. Leaking fuel caps have been an ongoing issue for all of the heavy trucks on the market as they become worn down and take significant wear and tear over time.

Before Heavy Truck Solutions new Leak Defender leak resistant cap was released, owners and operators were forced to replace fuel caps on a regular basis to stay in compliance with DOT regulations. In some cases, a complete replacement of the fuel tank was required to stop leaks, costing thousands of dollars, and often not solving the problem entirely long term.

Now, Heavy Truck Solutions has introduced the Leak Defender for use with Peterbilt and Freightliner trucks as well, expanding their production line to meet the ongoing needs of their customers. The latest addition to the Leak Defender line is priced right at $350, while the original Kenworth model is still available for $250. These new fuel caps feature an innovative design that keeps fuel from getting past the seals, a DOT compliant strategy that saves heavy truck drivers thousands of dollars in wasted fuel and unnecessary parts. Plus, it's as easy as screwing the new cap in, so there is no lost time on the road for repairs.

Many service centers and dealers that work specifically with heavy trucks have long been searching for a way to reduce fuel leaks around the cap. The Leak Defender provides a simple and cost-friendly solution that mechanics can keep in stock and available for immediate installation. Heavy Truck Solutions expects to continue expanding their product line with new parts and accessories to help solve all of the problems that truckers face on the road.
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