Liebherr PR 764 Litronic crawler tractor in gravel pit
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The new Liebherr PR 776 makes ground as the first in the world machine of its class to use an infinitely variable hydrostatic travel drive. The variable drive is based on on-demand hydraulic servo pressure. This on-demand power allows greater drive efficiency when operating in light to medium efficiency. When full power is not needed, the pressure supply is automatically returned, saving both energy and fuel. This eco function comes standard on all Liebherr Generation crawler tractors - including the PR 776.

Crawler Tractor Details

This Generation 6 crawler provides the Liebherr standard of quality operating equipment, with the size and power needed for big jobs. Some standard features include:

  • Liebherr 12-cylinder diesel engine

  • Engine specs: 565 kW (768 HP / 759 HP)

  • Maximum operating weight: 74 tons

  • Blade Capacities:

    • Semi-U Blade: 18 cubic meters / 23.5 cubic yards

    • U blade: 22 cubic meters / 28.8 cubic yards

  • Optional GPS navigation system

The Liebherr exclusive Power Efficiency System combines with the custom-engineered equipment to create a one-of-a-kind travel drive with which the engine speed can fluctuate sharply during operations. This added control is the key to the eco-friendly lowered fuel efficiency as an industry leader in reducing unnecessary fuel consumption. The continuous supply of power to both tracks also allows the crawler to work in restricted spaces with added maneuverability.

Safety and Comfort

The features of the PR 776 go beyond power to include operator comfort and safety. The operator platform is specifically developed for this machine class with a multifunction joystick that operates the steering movements with a single electronic input. A touch screen display incorporates operational features such as automatic engine speed reduction and travel drive response with safety features including steering and a rear view camera. Ergonomic controls and an air-sprung seat help ensure operator comfort.

In addition to rear view technology, the modern design of the Liebherr PR 776 incorporates all-around forward views to ensure excellent worksite visibility. Downward sloping sides and large panoramic windows also provide clear views of the blade and rear ripper for easier operations. Forward visibility is entirely unobstructed since the exhaust and lifting rams are located behind the A-pillars. Additional safety measures can be found in adapted and customized LED lighting solutions, including illuminated safety ladders.

A Liebherr crawler tractor undergoes extensive testing to ensure reliability and optimal service. Each machine is then further customized to meet specific jobsite needs.