Paccar MX-11 engine.
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Peterbilt's clients now have the option of a lighter and much stronger design in diesel engines. With the installation of its first MX-11 engine in a truck destined for a Bimarck, North Dakota civil contractor, Peterbilt signaled a new phase of production engine availability to its clients. While already presented as an option beginning in October of 2015, the first truck rolling off the line in Denton, Texas proves that the next level of efficiency and strength is now available.

The MX-11 features an inline-six cylinder design. The 10.8-liter engine produces 430 horsepower and over 1,500 foot-pounds of torque in a double overhead camshaft design. What is truly innovative about the MX-11 is its materials. Engine weight is significantly reduced due to the use of compacted graphite iron in the two heftiest parts of the engine: the cylinder head and engine block. While most diesel engines continue to use gray iron, the MX-11's use of compacted graphite iron shaves a fifth of the weight in its application. Even better, it is a material that provides a 75% boost in strength.

The MX-11 is designed and produced by PACCAR, and has already been installed in over 10,000 trucks, with the European markets getting the first opportunity to use this innovative design. PACCAR recommends the engine as a solution for various trucking needs, including short haul and regional haul vehicles in addition to tankers, construction  and waste management vehicles.

PACCAR expects drivers of Peterbilt's MX-11 equipped tractors to appreciate increased responsiveness and quieter operation. Owner operators will also be impressed by an industry leading expected life-cycle of a million miles. With all of these assets combined, Peterbilt can expect high levels of satisfaction from their clients due to the durability, efficiency and quietness of the MX-11. Loyal Peterbilt can continue to rely on this industry leader to continue bringing this and even more innovative engine designs to market.

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