MaxxForce DT In-Frame Update

imported_John Whelan - August 14, 2018
Our MaxxForce DT engine in-frame is rolling along with new main bearings being replaced (rolled in). The Mechanic has to roll in the bearings on the top half since the crankshaft is not being removed. The engine rebuild manual is as important as a bible in church. You're going to be lost without it. Guessing results in mistakes and doing the job over.

In the video you saw the main bearing caps, how they were installed and proper torque specs. The in-frame kit comes with main bearings so it's a good investment to install them. Most of the bearings showed signs of contamination and wear so replacement was the only option.

Along with new bearings the main bearing bolts were replaced as well. Once the bolts are torqued down the stress on the threads causes the bolt to stretch so reuse is not a good idea. Proper hold down torque especially with crank main bearings is essential to carry the huge load a diesel crankshaft has to endure.

Rebuilding one of these DT engines is a journey as is with any diesel engine. Every step takes time and following torque values documented in the repair manual will always ensure success. When I was a young lad working on diesels my motto was go like the wind with the basics like disassembling and cleaning then work like a professor putting everything back together systematically. You need to take your time and be sure... double checking everything.

I found a reasonably priced DPF (diesel particulate filter) which needed replacement due to the excessive oils pumping into the exhaust system. The contamination gets to the point where too much heat develops in the DPF causing failure. Since it's at the tail end of the exhaust system everything possible namely soot ends up there.

The biggest objection I have with emissions on diesel engines is the cost of parts. The DPF is over 2000 dollars, EGR cooler 2200 dollars. After purchasing the in-frame rebuild kit for 5,000 dollars you can see how far the cost can go. Wait... we also had to spend 2000 dollars on rebuilt injectors and various small parts necessary to get this engine going.

The weeks of down time and heavy cost weighs heavy on any budget and unfortunately I know there is another one of these jobs coming up. There is no solution to poor engineering and we are (along with other operators) stuck with these machines for several years.

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