The Mechanic Red Seal Journey

Mechanics Hub - February 4, 2014
The Road To Achieving The Mechanic Red Seal

This post will be covering some advice and thoughts when it comes to earning yourself the Mechanic Red Seal Certification. When you say or hear the word 'Journeyman' it sounds like such an accomplishment. Journey on it's own signifies a long trip. In this case a four year apprenticeship.

Becoming a certified Journeyman requires persistance and dedication. To get a company to sponsor you in the apprenticeship program is not easy. I've seen many instances where someone is hired and starts at the bottom doing minor services but does not get offered an apprenticeship.

Are you a good fit? This is a big factor in a company's decision to sponsor you for 4 years in the program. Attitude and Aptitude are two traits I believe companies look for. They want to invest in you so you will stick around and become an asset to their business. That's a fair trade if you ask me.

Once you go through on the job training, college upgrading and pass the final exams you will earn inter-provincial red seal credentials. This means you can work anywhere in Canada as a certified Journeyman. That's a very lucrative opportunity to have the ability to live anywhere in the country working with Journeyman credentials.

Both you and your company sponsor sign an agreement where both parties have to stick to the program. It boils down to not letting each other down. When you get accepted into an apprenticeship it's a great feeling because you sold yourself and the potential you hold within you.

Common Sense Wins Every Time

To become a professional Mechanic you need to become a good thinker. Common sense works into the mix every time. Looking at mechanical problems from every which way will become a habit. The history on a piece of equipment can make the troubleshooting process much easier.

You will work with a Journeyman through out your apprenticeship until they see you are ready to go solo eventually. The Journeyman will be your mentor and someone who will guide you through the steps to analyzing and repairing mechanical problems.

If you are just starting out in the trade don't get discouraged... it's a four year journey to learn one step at a time. Once you learn something new it will be ingrained into your memory and come back to you when the same or similar problem occurs. I hope you get in to the trade and enjoy your own personal journey.

It's a great ride :)

Thanks for reading this post and I hope you got a better insight into becoming a Red Seal Journeyman Mechanic.

The photo above is one of our Mechanics getting his Journeyman Certificate. See how happy he looks? .... his journey is done!