Mechanic Training - Your Biggest Decision Ever

Mechanics Hub - March 14, 2014

You Will Learn Safety Practices At A Technical Institute

This is information I learned at the Pre-Apprenticeship / foundation course I took many years ago. The instructor was very serious when he told us about it. There had been serious accidents that occurred in the past with flying bearings so it really stuck in my head. Another caution was the use of shop air that will enter the human body through the skin and cause life threatening injury. These are two precautions that always stuck in my head.

Choosing a Technical School

The reason I posted the video above covering UTI (Universal Technical Institute) training is the importance of investing in yourself. They are in close contact with Industry leaders like Freightliner and Cummins who have jobs waiting for graduates. I can see why grads find employment because of the detailed training they receive covering CURRENT technology.

If you got a job at a truck fleet or dealership and you were given a repair on a component you had just finished getting certified on at school your confidence would be through the roof. Employers look for well trained techs first compared to someone off the street looking for on the job training.

A business can not afford to train apprentices who have no foundation training. The cost of attending a school like UTI is high but they offer financial assistance and other programs to help with enrolment. Industry loves schools like this one simply because the hard work finding good technicians is done for them.

This school is like a regular campus located in several different cities around the U.S. The initial investment may be an objection but it's a decision that will get you started on your life path. Anyone who invests in themselves to this degree is serious and employers know this. They can see your attendance and scores which will get employers knocking on your door if you achieve a high standard for yourself.

The Odds Are In Your Favour With Proper Training

Just think once you graduate and find employment you will be able to manage paying off a student loan easily. Your future will be bright to say the least. Knowledge is very important in any industry and if you do not strive for that the chances of finding a lucrative career will be futile.

There are many technical institutes in North America so your due diligence is needed checking out a school near you. This will be an important step towards launching your career as a Technician. Without foundation training you will be pounding the pavement for a long time.

Thanks for reading this post. Tell us your story about the training path you took to get into the job you have now or if you're presently attending a school fill us in on some details on how it's going. Always have an open mind and an open book :)