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The Montabert V3500 heavy-range hydraulic breaker features an automatic two-speed variation system — adjusting its impact energy and striking rate to deliver high energy per blow on hard ground and high frequency on soft ground. Designed for use on large excavators ranging in size from 35 to 60 tons (31.7 to 54 t), the 8,071-lb. (3,661 kg) hydraulic breaker delivers up to 710 blows per minute. For optimal breaking power, the V3500 requires a hydraulic flow rate of between 66 and 84-1/2 gal. (250 to 320 Lpm) per minute and is classified within the 10,000 ft.-lb. energy weight class.

Standard features on the V3500 include a progressive start system that prevents the breaker from slipping, a blank-fire protection system that reduces harmful metal-to-metal contact and an automatic lubrication system that ensures the breaker is constantly lubricated for maximum functionality.

Although recommended for use in demolition and excavation applications involving homogeneous materials, the breaker’s energy chamber acts as a hydraulic shock absorber, reducing pressure variations in the hydraulic circuits to provide consistent energy to the breaker. In addition, the V3500 hydraulic breaker’s fully enclosed, heavy-duty cradle minimizes noise levels while protecting working parts from dust and debris. An optional air pressurization kit is available for underwater applications.