Yellow transport truck transporting world globe on its trailer.
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The Ontario National Gas Alliance (ONGA) has released a video that claims that the use of natural gas over diesel would reduce emissions from public transit and long-haul transports by a whopping 30%.

According to the ONGA, the transportation division is responsible for approximately 35% of emissions in the province. This is greater than the emissions produced by agriculture, hydro for homes and businesses, and even electricity production.

In the video, it explains that private trucking companies were industry leaders in regards to using natural gas to power their fleets. Natural gas is not only a cleaner fuel source, but it is also cheaper and could save Ontario’s transportation sector 50% of its annual costs.

In the video, Dr. Daniel Hoornweg, a professor at the University of Ontario, Institute of Technology explains that natural gas could be a more efficient and holistic approach to reducing transportation emissions. “Having natural gas as a fuel rather than diesel for heavy-duty trucks is highly cost-effective and reduces greenhouse gas emissions right off the bat by 30% or more.” He says.

The video features Groupe Robert Transportation and Hamilton Street Railway, two companies that are leaders in the use of natural gas to achieve clean transportation.

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