Never Lose your Keys again with iHere

MHUB - April 8, 2016
I have a drawer full of random key chains that are flashlights, stress relievers, heck even a key chain with an insect encased in plastic - swag I took home from trade shows and accumulated over the years. You take it because its free and swear there will be a use for it one day. Then when you get home or at work, you toss it in the trinkets drawer - you know that one drawer that becomes a dark hole of stuff -  and move along.

Now there appears a key chain, with a modern twist for all of us techies.  This mini device, the iHere, has a variety of features that may or not all be used by the general public, but I find it interesting nonetheless and wanted to share.  Once you pair it with your smart phone, it acts as a GPS so that you can find your keys during that morning rush trying to leave the house because one of your kids decided to stash it non-maliciously in one of their toy chests.  What's also pretty cools is that you don’t just have your phone giving directions to your keys, the key chain makes a beeping sound to help you locate it. I also found another handy feature that I will definitely be making use use of - a way to get out of a long-winded conversation with someone.  If you hold down the button on your key chain (while in your pocket of course), it will make your phone start ringing.  “Oh, sorry Cindy, I gotta take this call.”  Brilliant!  Lastly, I’m not a trendy selfie taker with my phone, but this device also acts as a shutter so that you can place your phone anywhere and then take a picture by pressing the button on your key chain.

Overall, the iHere provides good value, has a sleek design, and is a great modern product for us techies to enjoy!

iHere on key chain lying on top of books on a desk.