New API Is Here For Heavy Equipment Industry. Picture: Lit light bulb made up of question marks with a grey background.
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In the past heavy equipment, including construction, and agricultural equipment could only be operated mechanically. Occasionally, one could find some equipped with electrical features. Nowadays, things are different in the heavy equipment industry because almost all models of heavy equipment today are hi-tech and sophisticated.

Every now and then, there are always changes and development happening in the industry. As a result, there is now a heavy stream of data that needs to be managed in order to help the industry players in their planning and decision making. This is why data and software providers like EquipmentWatch have been established in order to offer solutions.

About EquipmentWatch

EquipmentWatch, is the world’s most trusted and leading data and software provider. It provides data intelligence for heavy equipment and agricultural equipment users, buyers, dealers, and investors by offering information products to them with the help of its state-of-the-art web application technology.

The company is the leader in heavy equipment research, too. It also provides tools that serve around 15,000 users most of which are professionals coming from construction and agricultural equipment industries. Moreover, EquipmentWatch has been in the business of serving equipment manufacturers, dealers, contractors, insurers, lenders, rental companies, and government agencies for more than 50 years already.

EquipmentWatch API

On March 22, 2017, EquipmentWatch officially announced and launched its new-product upgrade called EquipmentWatch API. This product is designed to enable integration of important equipment data into any third-party software application. This will ensure efficiency in the use of data and information.

Definitely, manufacturers and dealers of construction and agricultural equipment will benefit from it. EquipmentWatch API can efficiently streamline work flows and provide an up-to-date data stream.


EquipmentWatch continues to innovate and upgrade its products and services in order to keep its position as the world’s leading data and software provider for heavy equipment industry. The launching of its new EquipmentWatch API is a proof of its zeal of excellence and quality.
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