The New Cummins V8 5 Liter Diesel

imported_John Whelan - September 1, 2014

The Cummins ISV 5 Liter diesel will be going into the Nissan Titan for 2015. The original plan was to fit these engines into the Dodge Ram but that did not happen. The reason was the engine manufacturer for Fiat VM Motori has a 3.0 Liter diesel that is kicking butt in the fuel mileage department. The Jeep Cherokee is getting 28 mpg with these diesels.

The ISV 5.0 will fit in the same engine compartment as a V-10 or V8 with similar performance specs. The block is a compacted graphite iron with a forged steel crankshaft and high strength aluminum alloy heads. Other features include composite valve covers and dual overhead camshafts. With a torque rating of 560 ft lb at 200 – 275 horsepower this baby is going to haul some serious payload.

The high pressure common rail fuel system, VGT turbocharger and patented SCR emission technology gives this engine (even though it's a V8) a lot of pull in the mid range market. Vehicles that this engine will compliment are pickups, delivery vehicles, school buses, motor homes and light to medium duty trucks.

Cummins claim this diesel will out-perform a similar V8 gas engine in fuel mileage by 20 to 40 percent. These engines have a high power to weight ratio which is one of the main factors with the fuel savings. The greatest achievement by Cummins here is the 90% reduction in emissions.

The selective catalytic reduction along with the DPF exhaust system perform very well to kill the harmful emissions that effect everybody's health. This engine also meets 2014 green house gas requirements and the 2013 air resources board standards as well.

That's my flag waving plug for the day. I really like the Cummins products because of the perseverance it takes to keep up with the EPA and their demand for zero emissions. I know that will be accomplished one day and Cummins will be right in there getting it done.

I've never seen a V8 diesel make it in the transportation market but this model I believe has an excellent chance to be a front runner in the medium duty market.

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