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On February 16, 2016, Mack Trucks announced its new partnership with NASCAR. The two companies agreed to a multi-year deal making Mack the official hauler for NASCAR. NASCAR will use a small fleet of 11 trucks to haul racing equipment during its 36-race season.

Designed to specifically to meet NASCAR's distinct needs, the trucks are an example of Mack's 'application excellence' principle. This concept means that Mack creates trucks that fully satisfy the unique requirements of each customer. Though its production of dependable vocational trucks made Mack an industry name, the company also engineers trucks for the sleeper market. John Walsh, Mack Truck's vice president of marketing, believes this deal will show the trucking industry what Mack is capable of producing.

A combination of axle-forward and axle-back Pinnacle sleeper trucks comprise the NASCAR fleet. Under the hood, a 13-liter MP engine powers the trucks. Integrated into each truck is a Mack mDRIVE automated manual transmission and the Mack GuardDog Connect system. The GuardDog telematic system works to maximize the uptime of the truck.

Walsh believes that the NASCAR deal is a wise business decision. NASCAR and Mack Trucks are both popular American brands; with this new partnership, Mack can market its highway trucks to a much broader audience.

Many NASCAR fans work in the transportation sector in a variety of positions, such as drivers for highway trucks and industry leaders. This deal allows Mack to show these fans, who are also potential customers, the full spectrum of Mack's engineering abilities. Fans who are what Walsh refers to as "transportation industry decision makers" have the power to integrate Mack trucks into a company's daily operations.

Walsh also commends the strong brand loyalty amongst NASCAR fans. He believes that the partnership will help Mack grow their customer base with individuals who tend to be staunch supporters of specific brands.

The NASCAR fleet of Mack trucks hit the road on its first trip for the Daytona 500.
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