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Tesla is a leading force in electric mobility and have recently made an exciting announcement. The American automaker stated that they are adding a larger vehicle in the form of a semi truck to their line next year and it won't be of the standard pickup variety, but rather a prime mover.

Elon Musk, the company's CEO revealed the product on Twitter. Tesla previously touted such a truck in their long-term plans, but the CEO says that it will come out sooner rather than later. The semi has been a closely guarded secret and may incorporate driving technology that can reduce operating costs within fleets while improving safety.

The Vice President of vehicle programs headed up the new truck because he has been heavily involved in the heavy truck business in the past. He wants to Autopilot feature within the trucking sector in order to improve the overall safety of the industry and cut back on relying on people as drivers. This major feature could appear in the prime mover from Tesla, but people driving trucks will still be a requirement for the time being.

An Autopilot feature would help prevent accidents from occurring because drivers are tired behind the wheel. But these improvements will take several years because of regulations and data gathering. It will be a while before the company is comfortable not having a driver behind the wheel.

Tesla's CEO says that the larger truck is 18 to 24 months out and the long-awaited Roadster replacement is on track as a convertible for a sporty option compared to other five-door models. The company wants to focus on safety and efficiency above all else in all of its vehicles. The proper testing and timing will be carried out for any new vehicle that may break technology standards. In order to improve driver safety, Tesla has to be sure about the Autopilot feature before they roll it out.
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