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A new P185WDOU skid mounted utility air compressor was debuted at the International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition thanks to Doosan Portable Power. This new product has been designed to save space. This is because of a new narrow design as well as components being installed all on one end of the product. This product, on display at ICUEE, drew a lot of attention from the crowd this past September.

The new P185 provides free air delivery at 185 cfm. Doosan also provides users with a 100 psi rating for operating pressure thanks to a pressure rating of 80 to 125 psi. This product can be used for a number of needs such as work relating to sandblasting, operating air tools, pipeline testing, paint stripping and much more.

A new feature that Doosan has included on their new P185 product are electronically controlled fans which cool on a thermostatic basis. These fans will turn on when operating temperatures reach a certain point. This is convenient but it also helps contribute to the efficiency of this product. The product can also be used in warm climates as the product can function optimally up to about 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

The new P185 by Doosan, which was announced at the ICUEE, will begin shipping in December of this year. It’s the perfect item for your Christmas list. With controls at eye level and plenty of convenient features such as a backlit LED screen and multi language error codes, this is a product to add to your repertoire.