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Recently, an exciting deal was struck between McLaren-Honda and Volvo Trucks to form a unique partnership that has gotten everyone in the racing world turning their heads to take notice. Volvo Trucks will officially be supplying all of the trucks, logistical work, and hauling for McLaren-Honda's Formula 1 racing team for the next four years. The deal comes as no surprise to some because both of the companies have long standing commitments to quality and innovation making them a natural perfect fit.

The fleet of trucks that will be provided by Volvo Trucks to McLaren-Honda will consist of 24 FH Series 540 horsepower trucks of varying low to high height ranges with powerful, yet very fuel efficient, 13 liter engines. This special truck series is considered to be the safest product that Volvo offers in their global company with an 80 year history. They offer super strong, comfortable cabs to protect the drivers in case of any accidents, and specially designed mirrors and headlights that help to greatly improve visibility on the long hauls.

Because the trucks will be used for the Grand Prix in Europe, they have to pass the Euro-6 emissions standards with flying colors and also be able to handle a wide array of terrains without breaking down. This line of trucks can handle these requirements with no problem. Transporting race cars, equipment, and people in the fastest and safest way possible in European terrains isn't an easy feat. The logistics have to be dead on, so McLaren-Honda will be working with Volvo Trucks to refine the process of coordinating all parts of the travel and hauling processes to be sure everyone can be when and where they need to be on time. Volvo has a lot to offer as far as logistical knowledge, especially since they are a global company that has products that have to be shipped out on about every continent.
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