Passed Down Tips...

MHUB - September 16, 2014

Heres a couple tips I read up on: Never push on a wrench, always pull so you don't mash up your knuckles. If you have to push, use your open palm. If you have a Phillips screw that has the slots rounded out, try some valve grinding compound grease, the carbide grit will help grip. If you can't get a socket off of a ratchet, thump the ratchet on an edge so the socket is down and hanging off. When the ratchet stops the socket will come right off with the inertia. A large crescent wrench works great for bending metal. For a screw that won't budge, insert a good fitting screwdriver, apply a fair amount of torque, and strike the top end of the screwdriver with a hammer. The shock is transmitted through the screwdriver and will break the screw loose.