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Peterbilt Motors has voluntarily recalled as many as 2,000 trucks because they are able to travel faster than the tires will safely allow.

This raises concerns over the safety of other trucks on the road who are equipped with the same tires. There are over 10,000 trucks on the road that could potentially be at risk if they travel faster than the tires can handle.

Peterbilt is recalling any vehicle models from 2009 to 2016 that can travel with speeds of over 75 miles per hour. These vehicles are used mainly for transporting automobiles, but it is a risk the company isn’t willing to take.

Peterbilt said in documents posted last week by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, "A premature tire failure may occur on the front or steer axle" and could trigger an accident or dangerous situation. Because the models tend to push the capacity limits of the front axle, the company considers the speed discrepancy a safety defect and therefore the trucks should be recalled.

Dealers are also going to be reprogramming truck computers, which will prevent them from travelling over 65mph, which will within safe usage of the tires.

While Michelin says its tires are safe and will perform as designed, the NHTSA is encouraging other vehicle manufacturers with similar risks to address the concern and take action. There is currently no formal investigation underway.

Volvo has also made similar recalls after the safety agency found 3 crashed, 16 complaints, two police crash reports involving the alleged tires. The investigation was closed after determining that the failures were caused by other factors.

Some states have even raised the speed limit for trucks to be above 75 mph, also raising concerns, as this is more than the average truck can handle. 14 states currently allow trucks to travel at thee speeds, an ongoing concern for manufacturers.