Peterbilt’s New Coating Good News to Trucking Companies. Picture shows parrots multi coloured feathers.
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Trucking never looked so good! The days when drivers had to choose between spending hours washing and waxing their trucks or driving around in one that looked grungy and unkempt are over. Peterbilt Motors Company created Axalta coatings, which are designed to replace the turtle wax previously used to keep trucks looking good. Not only will the Axalta coatings improve the appearance of the vehicle and save time, they’re also good for the environment.

Leon Handt, the company’s General Manager of Operations says that not only will the new coatings improve the vehicle’s luster and reflectivity, but they will also make the vehicle more resistant to the damaging effects of de-icers, acid rain, and bird deposits. In addition to applying the coating to their upcoming models, the company also wants to make sure dealerships have access to the coatings so they can reapply it if the vehicle was damaged in an accident.

In addition to helping maintain a great appearance while simultaneously helping the vehicle resist environmental damage, the coating is designed to dry faster and produce fewer emissions than previous types of coating. The coating was created as part of Peterbilt’s green initiatives promotional efforts. Other aspects of the program include:

  • The company’s No-idle policy

  • The creation of Shuttle services

  • Carpooling program

  • The zero waste to landfill program Peterbilt created

The new coating is a good thing for both large and small trucking companies that use Peterbilt trucks. Not only will the coating lead to a reduction in the amount of water the company uses to keep the vehicles clean and looking good, but also reduces the amount of time employees spend washing vehicles when they could be doing something else. The new coating should reduce the amount of money the company has to invest in body repairs to each Peterbilt truck.