Picture: Sepia coloured side view of highway truck. Predictive Cruise Control Improves Driving for Truck Drivers
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There are always improvements being made for vehicles and its parts. With the improvements of engines, vehicles are capable of moving faster and easier on the road. As gasoline continues to rise in price, having an efficient running engine will help reduce the amount of fuel need to run the vehicle.

Standard cruise control for large vehicles is being upgraded to the latest model of Predictive Cruise Control where you can save up to one percent more on fuel on 2017 models. This is true particularly for the T680 and T880 models with Paccar MX-11, MX-13 and Cummins X15 engines.

Drivers will be able to take notice to the difference in the driveability along with the saving in fuel in comparison to older model engines. After fine tuning modulating speeds and torque in a number of weather conditions and situations, a better engine was created.

Trucks can have a difficult time driving down a hill, for example. The Predictive Cruise Control can assist in this type of situation by modulating the cruising speed and improve performance. The cruise control will automatically decrease the speed in accordance to the movement of the vehicle as it proceeds to go down a hill and it will increase speed automatically to go up a hill.

The combination of the GPS with the cruise control enables the truck to deliver better fuel economy as it capable of looking forward up to one mile ahead. This allows the GPS to read road conditions ahead and prepare the speed of the truck to adjust accordingly.

Overall, with Predictive Cruise Control, it saves on fuel as it can reduce or increase speed according to road conditions predicted through the GPS and capable of predicting the ideal shifting gear. Using this latest technology allows more truck drivers the ease of driving across country.
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