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Give a confidence boost 
Before going into that interview for the perfect job, perform a confidence boost. Take some deep breaths and get the blood flowing through the brain while going through the reasons this is a perfect fit position.

These deep breaths will relax the body and get oxygen back into the brain that flowed away from being nervous.  It will enable a person to be able to think clearer and act more confident.

Say only what is needed
Don't talk too much. Answer questions with complete and concise sentences. Don't let the end of sentences fall away. Answer questions completely, don't shorten them or it will look like there is little to say for oneself, at the same time don't get to long with answers as it might come out as babble.

Ask only what is pertinent

Normally when an interview ends, it is asked if there are any questions. The applicant should ask questions about the job being interviewed for. Ask intelligent questions pertaining to the industry the interview is for. This is still a time where one can show their assets, remember the interview isn't over until that door closes.

Don't try to oversell
Most interviews will include asking questions about certain aspects of what the job entails and what the applicant’s qualifications are to do this job. Answer with simple explanations that are complete and short. Choose the answer that best sells abilities, but don't over-explain them. If more information is needed or wanted, it will be asked for it.

Be yourself
When interviewing for jobs it is important to be prepared. Plan ahead some of the questions that may be asked and have good solid answers ready. But "don't over-prepare" as it will come off sounding like a written script. Do those deep breaths to get the head clear and blood flowing and speak with confidence yet with personality. To get those good jobs it will take someone who understands the industry they are interviewing for and have some personality to add to the company's team.
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