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Truck drivers have been curbed at an alarming rate in recent years. These accidents due to the road have nothing to do with their driving skill. Elevated blood pressure and blood sugar claimed more than 150,000 since May 2014.

President and founder of Rolling Strong, Bob Perry wants to fix that. Perry hosted a webinar, January 21, to address this very issue.

Health issues have always been at the fore of people's minds. Truck drivers though seem to have been left from the discussion. Perry's "Rebuilding Blocks for Driver Retention," addressed this very issue if the trucking industry wants to keep their drivers driving.

The highways of America are a desolate spot for "fresh" food. More often than not you'll find processed, pre-packaged, fast food and that's just the start of it. Energy drinks, soda, and fatty coffee drinks are all culprits in this hoax. Drivers need to be taught from the beginning that their health is in their own hands.

Perry's program advocates that you can still have drivers who eat well and stay healthy. Coaching and education are keys to making long-term changes to overall driver health.

In order to find and maintain long term driver health, there needs to be cooperation from all sides. Doctors need to be involved in the beginning of a drivers career and they need to be kept abreast as the driver progresses in skill and experience. Tools dog this include:

  • An individualized driver health and wellness roadmap

  • CDL driver wellness manuals and schooling

  • Setting up a menu that drivers can use to eschew typical "road food"

  • CDL wellness coach who can guide drivers as they go

  • Proactive wellness posters, newsletters, and more

Driving to work through gridlock for most people is hard; driving for a living is a sedentary existence which most of us can't imagine. In order to attract and maintain quality drivers, those doing the hiring must think more about the long term effects of the health of truck drivers. It's something that everyone involved can be a part of, from work to home to personal responsibility and something that can't be ignored anymore.
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