Safe Forklift Truck Operation

Mechanics Hub - May 1, 2013
Those working with or near forklift trucks on a regular basis should be aware of the potential risks associated with this work. Being safe isn’t difficult but there are a larger number of accidents per year as a result of working with a forklift truck than you would imagine. Almost three quarters of accidents happen when a truck is moving forward as opposed to reversing and surprisingly less than a third happen as a result of the truck over turning. Anyone operating a forklift truck should have full body movements so that they can be fully aware of their surroundings and will require a certain level of training and certification. Some of the main causes of forklift truck accidents are poor operator training, the operator makes an error, poor knowledge of the working environment, poor truck maintenance, bad lighting conditions and unsuitable premises to be using a forklift truck. Here are a few top tips to ensure the safe operation of a forklift truck: •Only allow trained people to operate the machinery •Inspect truck on a regular basis to ensure it is all working, clean and safe •When carrying objects that obscure your visibility, do not drive forward, use the reverse gear •Keep arms and legs within the truck when driving •Slow down when making turns to avoid the truck from tipping over •Slow down when driving over rough terrain •Do not travel with a raised load •Do not pick up an off centre load as this can cause your truck to loose balance and tip over •Do not allow anyone to walk under a lifted load Heavy machinery such as forklift trucks are important to get work done that manual labour either can’t or speed up the process, but they require regular maintenance. To avoid any accidents, ensure those who operate the equipment are fully trained and have the correct environment in which to work. This guest post was contributed by Dave James on behalf of Bluetruck, suppliers of pallet trucks and experts in warehouse operations.