School Bus Photos and Rudolph Diesel

Mechanics Hub - September 21, 2013
Here are some various photos on school buses I wanted to share with you. If you haven't ever read up on Rudolph Diesel I would like to do a short Bio on him.

Usually when you go to technical school for the truck trade you will most likely have gone through a class covering the invention of the diesel engine. Rudolph Diesel's first proto-type was introduced back in 1897.

He was born in 1858 to Bavarian parents.

Diesel was a genius being an engineer and inventor. The internal combustion engine was what he was most recognized for but was also known as a gifted thermal engineer, arts connoisseur and social theorist.

He was born on March 18, 1858 to Bavarian parents
then schooled in England and Munich becoming a mechanic and parts designer at a machine works company in Switzerland. In 1880 he started his career in Paris working as a Refrigerator Engineer.

In 1885 Diesel started up his shop laboratory in Paris and pursued development of his internal combustion engine. He eventually moved to Berlin to continue his quest in 1890.

He received a patent for his invention in 1892 which involved auto ignition of the fuel. The internal combustion process he developed was published.

His first proto-type was a 10 foot iron cylinder with a flywheel at it's base operating on it's own power...the first of it's kind.

Ten years after he developed different kinds of heat engines which included a solar powered design. He presented his successful "internal combustion" design in 1896 which was commercially accepted by the industry because of the low cost fuel to run it.

In 1898 Diesel became very wealthy with international franchise fees involved with his engine which powered
applications in the oil field, mines, factories, shipping, electric, water plants, pipelines, autos and trucks.

In 1913 his life came to an abrupt end while traveling on an ocean liner... he fell overboard and drowned in the English Channel. It's so ironic that he was on a boat being powered by his glorious invention.

One must ponder what he could have done with another 30 years added on to his life.

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