School Bus Shop Photos

Mechanics Hub - November 4, 2013

These are photos I've been taking throughout the years at our school bus garage. As you may have noticed some of the technology is older. The Kysor Engine shutdown system was in our mid 1990 models.

They served their purpose and was very basic with a coolant temperature sensor and oil pressure sensor hard wired to a module that was connected to the engine shutdown solenoid. The good old Cummins C model diesel engines are in there as well.

I miss those engines probably because of the non-electronic design. The Bosch fuel injection pump was a dependable fuel system that rarely caused us grief. It's an easy engine to work on with out the electronics. Fast forward to today's technology and the hyper sensitive emission and engine controls which will keep you on your toes.

We have a close relationship with our local dealers because of the learning curve involved getting into engine code troubleshooting and repairs. A quick piece of advice from them goes a long way. Last week myself and another Mechanic had to go to a service call that involved one of our sports run buses.

The engine would derate every 50 feet or so and it turned out to be a code 247 MCM (motor control module) engine hours data higher than expected. I have never seen that code ever. Description: This fault usually occurs after reprogrammng the CPC or MCM. The internal clocks of the CPC or MCM do not match. After reprogramming either module all fault codes must be cleared.

If you have ever experienced this code please leave a comment and share anything you have will help. Like I was saying about keeping in touch with the dealer is an asset to running a fleet. So I've contacted then and they are going to come to our shop since we can't reprogram the MCM or CPC ourselves.

I hope you enjoy the photos some of them are up to seven years old now. If you have any questions leave it in the comments box. Thanks :-)