Seasonal Vehicle Care - Recommendations and Tips-Warm Weather Care

MHUB - February 25, 2015

When we finally get our warmer weather, it usually means road trips or family outings. Your vehicle should be prepared for these moments so your plans are not ruined at the last minute. We recommend the following items should be considered before hitting the road. Get an oil change if it is due or even just coming up soon. Ask for the Peace of Mind Inspection so you are made aware of any potential problems with your brakes, belts, hoses, and other items rather than having a break down on your trip. If a tune up is needed, get one! It will save gas and excessive stress on your engine during long drives. Make sure you have your summer or all season tires on and not your winter tires. Your spare tire should also be ready just in case you need it. Most people forget about their air conditioning until they need it! Have your engine coolant pressure tested. It is usually part of an inspection package.