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Ryder System, Inc. a company providing fleet supervision and service in the U.S., will provide Shell Oil Company 15 liquid natural gas long-lasting tractors providing functions for crude oil and even natural gas logistics tasks in Lafayette, LA and Houston, TX. Shell Oil Company oil has also further offered an agreed upon commitment with Ryder System, Inc. to utilize these 15 liquid natural gas power-driven tractors to function for five years.

The different LNG-fueled tractors would update Ryder's diesel-powered tractors. The natural gas tractors are available by Ryder’s contribution in the Natural Gas Vehicle Grant programs, started by the Texas Emissions Reduction (TERP) programs and even used by the Texas Commission (TCEQ). Within this force, Ryder offers an agreed upon five-year fuel program with Shell Oil Company, which is able to offer Liquefied Natural Gas for the natural gas fleet. The corporations will attempt to work together on tractors and even fueling to offer a cost-competitive LNG that satisfies pollution laws without the subsequent after products of diesel motors, provide more useful technological know-how, and even improve natural gas performance.

Ryder mentioned the new LNG-fueled tractors would update diesel-powered tractors in the pre-existing fleet and were built to obey natural gas care buy principles, the corporation observed. Right now, Ryder has logged a mileage of more than 50 million miles with natural gas tractors and even offers 18 natural gas rig care facilities staffed by 6,000 natural gas rig personnel. Ryder offers integrated CNG and even LNG tractors for Ryder's fleets in Canada, Michigan, Maryland, Florida, Georgia, Arizona, California, Quebec, Wisconsin, New York, Louisiana, Arkansas, Utah, and Texas. Ryder, which has provided Shell’s logistics services for a few years, right now manages Shell’s trucking across the U.S.
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