John Deere is going to be impacted by new emission limits set to be put into place in the year 2019 in Europe. Picture shows a cement shop floor with the the words Low Emission written in yellow
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There are some new emission limits set to be put into place in the year 2019 in Europe. This applies to diesel engines and the proposed Stage V limits will include a particle limit for engines that fall within the 19 kW and 560 kW quota. For vehicles that just aren’t matching up, a special particulate filter will need to be utilized. John Deere is going to be impacted by these changes and advances. Moving forward they will need to manufacture their equipment and vehicles with a DPF filter, though just on their diesel machinery.

The current Stage V standards test for a variety of things like carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, hydro carbons, particulate matter and more. Not only is this aimed towards testing what is in the particulate matter, but the size of the particulates is also important. All vehicles being manufactured during the 2019 manufacture year and continuing on will have these Stage V requirements. Luckily, John Deere has a building approach that will assist with their emissions control. Compliance can be easily achieved with this method and it has been used in the past with success.

John Deere boasts that their alterations will not affect performance, which is something most consumers would be concerned with when they hear some changes are on the horizon. There is nothing to worry about as all engine performance is set to stay the same. John Piasecki is the director of marketing and sales for John Deere and explains this transition isn’t going to be anything new or shocking to the company:

“John Deere adopted DPF technology as part of an integrated emission control system because it is the best solution for most applications. By treating NOx and PM downstream of the engine, John Deere engines with DPF are optimized for increased torque response, low-speed torque, and fluid efficiency; and provide responsive power at higher altitudes.”

With past experience regarding these types of regulations and changes, it is expected that John Deere will not be impacted in the year 2019. As for the other manufacturers that have not been utilizing this technology in the past recent years, only time will tell how this affects them.
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