Thomas C-2 park brake interlock

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October 9th, 2020 7:40pm

2013 Thomas C-2,with wheel chair lift.Intermittent issue with park brake not releasing.Have tried new door switches at lift,interlock solenoid at firewall,and air interlock valve by treadle valve.Tried a new park brake switch as well.Have verified + and - at park brake switch,etc.Brakes will release everytime if I give interlock solenoid power.All connections at chassis module and EXM are clean.I even ran new circuits for brake psi switch and park brake switch.I decided to look in the parameters in Cummins,and found the source adress for park brake was set to body controller,instead of instrument cluster.After I changed it,park brake released perfectly everytime.I came in the next morning to put the dash back together,and the park brake wouldn't release.It's happened a couple times like that,where it will work intermittently.

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