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Most cities work hard, but some work harder, according to Freightliner Truck’s Hardest Working Cities Award. Toronto and Dallas are the final recipients of 2015, receiving their recognition in October and November, respectively. Freightliner Trucks launched and presented its first award to Indianapolis during the NTEA Work Truck show earlier this year. Since then, the company has also awarded the title to Salt Lake City, Nashville and Los Angeles.

Allan Haggai, Freightliner’s manager of marketing communications for vocational trucks, said, “The purpose behind this award is to honor the hardworking men and women in these cities who are moving the economic indicators in a positive direction and growing our economy.”

The winning cities were chosen after examining approximately 400 comparable urban census areas in the United States and Canada in 11 data categories, some of which included economic productivity and vocational transportation investment levels and employment growth.

Toronto received the award based partially on its overall economic growth of more than 3% in 2015, but also because it leads North America with a transportation, manufacturing and warehousing employment increase of almost 10% and a nearly 6% increase in construction. The city itself has seen a surge in development, with a growth plan that forecasts an additional 1.72 million jobs by 2041.

Freightliner Trucks hosted an award presentation in early October at Toronto’s Harper Truck Centres, which was well attended by workers, truck equipment manufacturers and community leaders. Jeffrey Gardiner, vocational sales manager for Freightliner Trucks of Canada, said about being honored, “As the fourth largest city in North America and a workforce leader, it’s no surprise Toronto is home to where hard work happens.”

The Dallas city government is pro-development, maintaining a comprehensive plan and economic development strategy to encourage growth. Investing over $600 million through its most recent bond program, Dallas’s constantly upgraded infrastructure keeps construction, manufacturing and trucking companies competitive. With a 4.0 unemployment rate, the strength of the city’s workforce easily beats out comparable-sized cities, including Atlanta, Houston and Phoenix.

When Dallas joined the previous cities in receiving the award on November 5, a special celebration was hosted in South Dallas by Premier Truck Group. Freightliner Trucks presenters also took the time to visit several Dallas jobsites during the week to thank workers for their contributions.

Freightliner Trucks is checking data on the possible 2016 winners of Hardest Working Cities award.