Toro's DD4050 front view.
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With infrastructure improvements on going and with more on the horizon, Toro has taken the opportunity to unveil its successor to the previous HDD Model DD4045 line of heavy equipment. Designed for improved performance and to function as a seamless system between equipment and operator, the new DD4050 line offers a significant improvement over the DD4045. Engineered with customer feedback in mind, the DD4050 has new operating characteristics to enhance overall performance for the machine and to provide the operator with more control over both the equipment and the drilling process.

More Torque For Better Drilling

The DD4050 is the second 40,000 pound, (thrust/pullback) in its line up and as such, Toro had the opportunity to tweak and enhance the power characteristics to add a 10 percent increase in output rotational torque, resulting in a total 5,000 foot pounds. It still uses the Cummins power train but enhanced for better output. The additional torque provides for better situational adjustment to soil conditions which thereby results in better operator response and thus completion times. “The number one thing when it comes to drills is how much power and torque you’re able to fit into as small a footprint as possible,” said Toro marketing manager Josh Beddow.

Toro's new DD4450 showing control levers and seating. Image Courtesy: © 2015 АВТОМИР. All rights reserved.