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Toyota has plans for the future and this time, their plans include heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell trucks with zero emissions. The introduction of these plans was part of a feasibility study that took place in the Port of Los Angeles as a way to reduce harmful emissions. If the company goes forward with the idea, the trucks would be the most powerful fuel cell vehicles in the industry.

The trucks should be able to drive more than 200 miles between fills under normal conditions. They would have a projected 670 horsepower from two fuel cell stacks that include 1,325 pound-feet of torque and a 12kWh battery. Toyota believes in the hydrogen fuel cell technology and is pushing this idea based on that belief. They think it has the potential to become the future, based on their studies of the technology.

The use of hydrogen fuel cells has been in the works for years. The cells release only water vapor when they compress hydrogen into fuel. They have recently gained further performance numbers that are good enough to replace gas as fuel for the average driver. Hydrogen hasn't taken off because of a lack of infrastructure since there are only a few dozen fueling stations available for filling tanks. Experts say common vehicles that have to drive long distances could definitely benefit since they could provide centralized fueling stations and larger tanks for hydrogen.

Toyota has more experience with technologically advanced vehicles than other automakers. They have a hydrogen-powered vehicle and they plan to sell buses in Tokyo that are powered by hydrogen fuel. But the company isn't alone in looking into zero-emission options, especially for big trucks. Nikola Motor Company unveiled class 8 trucks powered in that manner as well.

This technology may seem grand and beyond the times, but there is also a lot of research going into making vehicles drive on their own without a person operating the wheel. Having zero emissions is a huge goal for a number of automakers, but there are disruptions to get around in order to make it happen as well.