Trail King Reveals Hot New Gooseneck Trailer.
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. - With the ever increasing use of wind tower blades and the growth of alternative energy, trailer manufacturer giant Trail King unveiled the company's brand new gooseneck trailer design. This Mechanical Detachable Gooseneck Trailer is the company's attempt at creating a lighter design than past models that holds the same high level of industry standards which built the company's impressive reputation.

As the need for transporting wind power blades continues to expand, specialized equipment is required more and more to accommodate the industry's growing reliance on alternative energy equipment. Trailer King saw that the need was there and redesigned their leading commercial model to be lighter, built with more aluminum parts than the company's previous models, while at the same time accommodating the void that other competing companies can not or will not seem to fill in regard to the transportation of wind power blades.

The new commercial open deck design offers all of the standard features as in older models such as: removable gooseneck rollers, air operated lock pin,  D-Rings, outrigger brackets, aluminum I-Beam crossovers built with one-piece construction. However, it was the implementation of the two trailer blades that could be hauled simultaneously that made the company's initial design a roaring success. Keeping in spirit with the original design, Trailer King improved upon the older model by making it 750 - 1000 pounds loftier than older models.

The company's brand new TK85EFX model offers many features. There is a gooseneck design that reduces clearance issues, wireless remote for wireless steering, auto-alignment that is completely computer controlled, hydraulic support leg, narrow main frame with a telescopic mono beam, a rear load bunk that is fully adjustable, and impressive air ride suspension that is designed to reduce driver fatigue. The most impressive feature of course, is the detachable gooseneck design which leaves plenty of room for a future expansion.