transmission fluid leak

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March 25th, 2011 6:44am
Hi all, i got question to bounce off some heads, i'm kind new to the heavy equipment but have been an on highway guy for alot of years. I got this john Deere 450J with a trany leak, i pulled the pans and of course they were full to the top so I was expecting an easy diagnoses (like a blown hose type deal), but the hoses were all good, so I filled it back up and started it to find the leak, moved it around a bit to get thing movin, but nothin happened till i shut it off, at that point i noticed fluid was starting to drip from a vent in the housing between the rear of the trany and the hydrolic pump. So i'm thinking that the rear seal in the trany is gone, would this be a good assumption. I appreciate any and all the help!!!

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