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June 30th, 2010 3:01am
Are there any truck techs that do alot of farm truck repair? What are the kinds of trucks the farmers like. IE - manufacturer, engine, engine hp, transmission, rear end, gvw. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
July 4th, 2010 3:12am
My best guess would be an old fleet truck. Something that is cheap to buy and operate. A farmer is most likely looking for a truck that can be adapted to some type of mounted body for a grain or silage box and be very versatile. The most popular ones that I've seen are the trucks that have been in service as a long-haul rig and have a removeable bunk. Volvo's are not the prime pic for this app as they typically have an integrated bunk and that makes for a very difficult daycab conversion.

Most farmers dont care about 550 hp Cats, they just want something reliable and cheap that parts don't cost an arm and a leg on. Best bet is a old highway rig with a removeable sleeper, mid range HP engine, Cat C12, C13, Detroit S60, Cummins M11, N14 Celect, ISX15 or similar, Eaton 10-13 spd trans, and mid to low ratio rear ends with a min 20,000 lbs per drive axle. The truck is most likely to end up with a dump box on it so massive power is pretty irrelevant. That is of course unless they are planning to pull super B's with it and in that case they will need the truck properly spec'd, but a rig that made it's life on the road will do just fine in that application as well.


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