Fit female lifting large tires.
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Siphewe Baleka is on a mission to help truck drivers get and stay healthy. Not satisfied to simply trot out the old “eat right and exercise” mantra, Baleka puts flesh on the saying by showing truckers how they can live by that advice in spite of the demanding conditions of their profession.

Counting Carbs, not Calories
Baleka’s program shows truck drivers that the kind of calories they eat matter more than the number of calories they eat. Under his program, truckers learn to choose low carb, quality protein calories. Although his program cuts out only 70 calories on average, his clients have seen an average weight loss of about seven percent of their weight in 90 days.

Keeping Track
Because, truckers spend most of their time on the road without the social support structures that other professions more easily access, Baleka has clients keep a log of everything they eat.Fitness spelled out with chain. It’s very similar to the mileage log that they are used to keeping and helps truck drivers hold themselves accountable for what goes into their bodies.

High-Intensity Exercise
Baleka has designed an exercise regimen perfect for truckers. He calls it “The 15/4 Movement.” His program calls truckers to take 15 minutes daily to exercise, and during those 15 minutes, make 4 minutes high-intensity exercise. High-intensity exercise is any movement that gets the truckers’ heart rate above a recommended level unique to the individual. Fit female doing crunches in a gym setting.The 15/4 plan is designed to increase truckers’ metabolism and fight against the effects of sleep deprivation and a necessarily sedentary occupation.

Rolling On
Baleka reminds his clients that weight loss is about more than counting calories and exercising.Silhouette of fit male dead lifting dumbell. Through his Fitness Trucking program, he stresses that it is the right kind of calories and the right kind of exercise can turn on the metabolic effect that leads to successful weight loss.
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