Wrenches in a line from smallest to tallest.TSE Brakes Sees the Fleet Air Brake Future
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TSE Brakes' North American Sales and Marketing director Ian Shackleton is beaming about his company's new UL-Disc brake actuators, noting the many advantages of utilizing air brakes on industrial fleet vehicles. It's due in large part to regulations for decreased stopping distance that prompted TSE to put the added R&D into developing their advanced air brake equipment, but they expect their investment to pay large dividends down the road.

Among the many advantages of the new air brake actuators is increased safety for owner operators as well as reduced repair frequency. The maintenance needs of the UL-Disk brake actuators is strongly mitigated by their corrosion protection powder coating. Other advantages of these actuators include high-quality diaphragms, an all-steel design, and a self-guided pressure plate. The premium assembly and design of TSE's parts are expected to have a substantial impact on the longevity of the parts and are also expected to drastically reduce the frequency of required repairs.

Fleet vehicle operators will have a decision on their hands as to whether a fleet-wide upgrade makes sense to get their vehicles into a lower-maintenance phase along with the added benefit of enhanced safety in day-to-day operations. Pair all this with the benefit of TSE's warranty that can extend as long as 7 years for qualified repairs, and the choice becomes very compelling.

Mechanics, fleet managers, and owner operators are encouraged by TSE to reach out to Mr. Shackleton directly for more information about their new UL-Disk actuators or to place an order. He can be reached by phone at (256) 736-6287 or by email at [email protected] TSE Brakes definitely doesn't act bashful about their position in the fleet brake part industry. Their own website makes the bold claim that they are the "world leader in actuator design, innovation, technology, and performance." They talk a big talk, but their technology and high-grade materials that go into their parts speak volumes.
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