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Universal LNG Solutions Inc. today proudly rolled out the first four trucks in a fleet of 95 of the most advanced liquefied natural gas (LNG) big rigs in the nation at the campus of Sancus Energy, an LNG technology leader. The 95 tractor-trailer trucks are the first in the country with the capability to haul 80,000 pounds of goods for more than 700 miles per fill-up, an unprecedented achievement that will change the face of long-distance trucking.

The fleet, which will ship goods throughout Texas and the surrounding states during a two-month pilot program between Universal LNG Solutions (ULNG) and key partners, will demonstrate how trucking companies can lower costs while reducing their carbon footprint using clean LNG engines.

"These trucks are the first-of-its-kind of long distance LNG trucks which can transport 80,000 pounds of goods over 700 miles per fill-up," says Jeffrey Liu, CEO of Universal LNG Solutions. "Though we are the energy capital of the world, the U.S. is far behind in the LNG application field compare to its global peers in Europe and Asia. It is time to make a statement, and I believe that we should do so starting at our home turf here in Texas."

For this reason, Universal LNG is expanding its on-road commercial fleet and enlisting its key partners, including Sancus, to join the effort. The new generation LNG engines run cleaner and smoother and are capable of carrying more, thanks to a trimmer, lighter 100% natural gas engine. The fleet will be serviced through UNLG's network of stations.

"These are the most advanced Freightliner Cascadian trucks equipped with a new breed of Cummins Westport ISX12G400HP Engine. The magic that creates the added fuel efficiency, range and LNG hold time is the integration of a Westport ICEPACK 240 dual tank LNG Fuel System and use of cold LNG during operations," Liu says.

Among the key partners in this effort are LA Freightliner/Velocity Group, the largest freightliner dealership in the country and the exclusive LNG on-road equipment sales and servicing partner of ULNG. The dealer has been instrumental in helping to rollout, deploy and achieve acceptance of LNG trucks in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The success of the Port of Los Angeles/Port of Long Beach clean air truck program has led to a drastic reduction of carbon emission and improved overall air quality of the Greater Los Angeles area.

Utilizing ULNG's unique LNG re-conditioning technology and the Westport's unique fuel system can eliminate venting from the truck's LNG tank under regular truck usage, achieving a "non-venting" fleet status. Most importantly, this will allow fleet operators to effectively consume the energy purchased without venting back to the station or into the atmosphere.

Sancus Energy and its sister company SST Process Solutions are Texas-based LNG technology companies and technology leaders working in conjunction with ULNG to deploy global leading Associated Gas processing technologies for on-shore and off-shore oil and gas producers. The technology being develop and deployed by both Sancus Energy, SST and ULNG will be directly responsible for the removal of substantial oil field associated gas discharges and flaring in the off-shore environment and turning these harmful gases into NGLs and LNG products capable of providing clean and affordable energy sources to some of the most underserved third world regions. Sancus Energy and SST are working closely with ULNG, Sembcorp Marine and Gravifloat in the development implantation of a 700,000 m3 to 7,500,000 m3 class Associated Gas treatment and LNG liquefaction unit.

"Our partners are some of the most advanced in the world," Liu says. "By working together to roll out 95 of these LNG long haulers in the Greater Texas region, we will bring dynamic, responsible growth to the Greater Texas Golden Triangle area of Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth and San Antonio. We are excited to contribute to an important innovation and to support our State."