Uses and Benefits of BLDC Motors

Mechanics Hub - August 29, 2012
The BLDC motor goes by many names: Brushless DC motor, BL motor, EC motor and ECM. The brushless DC motor is a type of synchronous motor in which the magnetic fields of the rotor and stator change at the same frequency. An inverter powered by a DC electric source produces AC electric signals that drive the motor. It is this electronic commutation, not brushes, that operates the motor. BLDC Motor Uses Brushless DC motor manufacturers create the motors to efficiently run machinery. Today, BLDC motors are ideally suited for many applications, including CD players, DVD players and computer hard drives. Additional uses of the brushless DC motor include: Instrumentation: In manufacturing, BLDC motors are ideal for positioning, actuation or motion-control systems because of their efficiency, low maintenance needs, good speed-torque characteristics and high power density. Medical applications: BLDC motors in medical equipment last 10 times longer than their brushed counterparts (10,000 hours versus 500 to 1,000 hours). Brushless DC motor manufacturers provide an alternative to stepper motors, as the top speeds of BLDC motors aren’t limited by the number of poles. An example of a brushless DC motor in the medical industry is the Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) respirator, a device that aids in the treatment of sleep apnea. Medical analyzers that test different bodily fluids also use BLDC motors. Appliances: Some refrigeration and HVAC units use brushless DC motors instead of AC motors because they don’t require as much power to operate and have longer lives than the induction motors they replace. Furthermore, the microprocessor used on the BLDC motor controller allows users to program the appliance and have better control over its airflow. Factory automation equipment: Factories may use BLDC motors in assembly robots that position parts or to drive linear actuators. Fans and pumps in factory equipment may also use the motors. Aerospace applications: Space vehicles use brushless DC motors to rotate solar arrays so they stay aligned with the sun as the vehicle orbits a planet. Military applications: The BLDC motor is ideal for remote-controlled and radio-controlled devices. Since military applications require low noise, high reliability and reduced weight, the BLDC motor is the perfect solution. Automotive applications: BLDC motors allow rechargeable batteries to last longer, making them ideal for electric and hybrid vehicles. BLDC Motor Benefits over Brush DC Motors Reliability Lasts 10 times as long as motors with commutators and brushes Less noisy Smaller in size and lighter in weight More efficient to operate No arcing Faster dynamic response and higher speed ranges Higher torque-to-size ratio Simpler to maintain No commutator or brushes to wear out Ideal for use in small devices Reduced requirements for heat dissipation Most BLDC applications require custom design of both the motor and the controller. In fact, the motor designer and the controller designer should work together on the overall design. Sinotech offers a wide range of high quality electric AC and DC motors as well as custom electric motors built to your design requirements. We also provide custom engineered mechanical products, metal and plastic components and magnets to a variety of industries. Sinotech has over 20 years of experience in the industry with engineers personally supervising all tooling and production to ensure quality control.
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