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Volvo Group North America has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions at this year’s American Business Act on Climate Change Pledge on Dec 2nd. They have joined 13 companies across the US with the goal of reducing the effects of climate change.

“Volvo is committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, and we encourage other businesses to join us and recognize the importance of reducing their environmental impact.” said Susan Alt, Volvo Group North America’s senior vice president of public affairs.

Currently, Volvo is the only automotive manufacturer to join the World Wildlife Fund’s Climate Savers Program. The program’s goal is to reduce carbon emissions by more than 20% and by 50 million tons. Volvo group joined in 2010 and is a part of several other environmental efforts.

“Volvo Group’s vision is to be the leading provider of sustainable transportation solutions, and environmental care has been one of our core values for more than 40 years.”

Volvo is also a member of the Better Buildings Better Plants Program, run by the U.S Department of Energy. By the end of 2014, Volvo reduced its energy consumption in 8 of its facilities by nearly 30% compared to the 2009 baseline.

There are a growing number of companies who have set impressive targets for action against climate change. The agreement in Paris aims to create a sustainable, low-carbon future. Delaying action against climate change will be costly in both human and economic terms. Transitioning to a more sustainable future will enable economic growth, resilience to natural disasters, public health, and the health of the environment.