Volvo L45H compact wheel loader loading material into dump truck.
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Leading heavy equipment manufacturer, Volvo, has introduced the L45H and L50H compact wheel loaders into its already comprehensive line of construction equipment. Considered to be part of the "mini" line of loaders, there is nothing small about the performance of these well designed machines. Each machine comes standard with Volvo's high efficiency, ultra low emissions Tier 4 engine, which has the added bonus of achieving a fifteen percent net gain in overall fuel efficiency when compared to previous models.

Continuing Volvo's legacy of state of the art innovation, one simply hydraulic attachment bracket can enable both the L45H Wheel Loader and L50H Wheel loader to effortlessly change from bucket loader, to material handler, to earth mover, and much more.

Torque Parallel Linkage
This patented, cutting edge design allows the H series wheel loader to experience a fuller range of lifting motion than competing machines while simultaneously delivering maximum torque. This linkage system offers the most efficient method of increasing payload while taking full advantage of an integrated attachment system designed specifically for this model wheel loader.

Hydraulics with Intelligence
Not satisfied with merely meeting the industry standard, Volvo's H-series wheel loaders feature a load sensing hydraulic system that augments fuel efficiency by providing greater load control. This smart system also provides much quicker response times, thereby lowering cycle times. At the end of the day, all of this translates to an increased bottom line for the machine owner.

Optimized Driveline and Analysis Software
Not only are an engine, transmission, and axles designed to work in absolute harmony some of the dominant characteristics of the L45H and L50H wheel loaders, each of these machines are equipped with Volvo's machine monitoring MATRIS and VCADS equipment monitoring software. These two systems work together to increase performance and overall fuel efficiency.

Best All Around
Given all of the attributes already packed into Volvo's L45H and L50H Wheel Loaders, there hardly seems space left for any more. Yet, both machines can be equipped with a boom suspension system that helps to absorb the shock associated with traveling with loaded buckets, as well as cabs designed specifically to enhance driver safety and comfort. The size, features, and capabilities of Volvo's Compact Wheel Loaders easily place these two machines in the running for the title of "Best in Class".