Blue Volvo VNM 630 truck.
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In Dublin, Virginia, where Volvo's New River Valley plant is located, there are newly developed battery powered coolers for various models of 18 wheelers including the VNM 630, VNL 630, VNL 730 and the VNL 780. These coolers remove the need for idling the trucks when parked where in some cities and states there is a law against having the truck idling. This problem can be eliminated with the new cooler as the driver can sit or lay in the sleeper model in comfort.

The parking cooler allows for the trucks to remain at a 74 degree temperature within the cab and sleeper for up to 10 hours. As it's controlled by an automatic thermostat, it's easy to maintain a comfortable temperature when needed most. The factory can install the parking cooler and integrate it into the sleeper duct work as it will make it easier to operate so the driver can take a rest without worrying about the heat. The in-frame battery box holds four absorbent glass mat batteries which are combined with the start up batteries to help generate the power and energy for operating the parking cooler. With this combination it also helps reduce effecting the start up battery when starting the truck.

There is a three year warranty that coincides with the newly installed battery powered parking cooler. The manufacturer will replace the cooler if anything goes wrong within the first three years of use. With the new parking cooler, trucks are also becoming more environmentally friendly by saving on the use of fuel and producing less emissions into the air. They are ideal for truck drivers around the country that need to take a rest during high traffic times or hot days or nights. These coolers will not only keep the driver cool throughout the time of rest without the need for idling the truck, they will save on fuel costs and become a more productive and useful tool for the environment.
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