140 Ton Antique Engine Running - 600 HP 80 RPM 39,000 Ft-Lbs

ben - June 6, 2013
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This 600 hp Gas Engine at the Western Minnesota Steam Thresher's Reunion show in Rollag, MN (rollag.com) runs every Labor Day Weekend. Built in 1914-15 by the Snow Holly Works Schenectady NY, it ran continuously for over fifty years compressing natural gas at National Fuel Gas Corporation's Roystone Station near Titusville, PA The engine is 65 feet long and weighs 140 tons. It's foundation is up to 10 feet thick, and contains 157 cubic yards of concrete reinforced with 8000 feet of steel bar. It has four combustion chambers with a bore and stroke of 24" x 48" giving it a displacement of 86,856 cubic inches (1,423 Liters). Produces 600 HP at 80 RPM. Flywheel is 18 feet in diameter and weighs 24 tons Crankshaft is 16 inches in diameter and weighs 12 tons. This engine ran at full power 24/7 for over fifty years without a single mechanical failure. The engine still runs as good as new and not a single part has ever needed replacement. The engine is one of four built. Two were scrapped, and the other one is in pieces at the Coolspring Power Museum in PA.(coolspringpowermuseum.org/Projects)
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