Just Heavy Equipment! #3 Problem Child!

ben - May 22, 2012
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TWO Als - NO GREEN SCREEN! Yeah! Al can't seem to get along with ANYONE these days! Here Al is caught on camera having an argument with himself. First he threatens to kick his own butt, but then he refuses to even get out of his machine to back up his big mouth! I think he was probably too lazy and fat - what a mama's boy! Al stood his ground and he just slinked away with his tail between his legs! WHAT?!!? Watch - you'll get the idea! Al 1: Hey Al! AL!!! Al 2: What?! Al 1: You know, I've been watchin' you work, and you TOTALLY suck! Al 2: What do you mean I suck?!! Al 1: I saw your video, 'The Rookie', the one where you forgot to lift up the outriggers on a backhoe... Al 2: Hey, same to you, buddy! Al 1: I can't believe they let you operate that thing, man! You are the worst! Al 2: Don't make me have to get out of this excavator, you know what I'm sayin'? Al 1: Why don't you get that stupid thing out of my face and get back to work and pretend like you've got a real job! Al 2: Hey, do you want me to get out of this thing and kick your butt, boy?! I think you stink, too! Al 1: Yeah, why don't you give it a shot, man! You really think you're somethin'? I'll come up there and I'll kick YOUR butt!!! Al 2: Next time you talk to me like that, man, I'm gettin' out of this machine and I'm gonna kick your butt! Al 1: Why don't you get a life? Get out of here, man! Al 1 (to camera): What an idiot that guy is! I can't believe it! He's ugly too, isn't he! Man, I gotta tell you, that guy is UGLY!!! Well you know what? He's out of the way now. This is a good opportunity for me to play air guitar, don't you think! I think I've got one right here; I'll be right back...
Heavy Equipment