ben - October 16, 2013
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What kind of garbage truck is that? What type of trash truck collects my waste? What do you call that sanitation truck? What kinds of refuse trucks are there? If you have one of those questions or a similar one, you've come to the right place! I made this video to show off as many collection vehicles as possible. I hope that this will help anyone that is interested in learning a little more about the industry. In this video you will find: 0:05 ASL - Automated Side Loaders (with action shots) 1:23 CD - Container Delivery (can be used to assist FEL's or in most cases just deliver dumpsters) (with action shot) 1:58 FL - Front Loader or FEL - Front End Loader or simply Front End trucks (with action shots) 3:32 Grapple or Knuckle Boom or Clam truck (with action shots) 4:22 M/ASL - Manual / Automated Side Loader or M/A - Manual / Automated (these can be loaded manually or with the trucks arm) (with action shot) 4:48 MSL - Manual Side Loader (sorry no action shot here) 5:02 Recycle truck (with action shots) 5:38 Roll-off truck (with action shots) 7:22 RL - Rear Loader or REL - Rear End Load or Packer truck (with action shots) I didn't have space for Transfer trucks - These are tractor trailer trucks that move waste from transfer stations to landfills. At the end of the video you will find "SLOW DOWN TO GET AROUND" - this is a cross country safety initiative aimed at getting the general public to SLOW DOWN when attempting to pass solid waste trucks. Having almost been hit by cars myself, I have to agree with this campaign, please approach and pass all solid waste trucks with care. For more information on this please go to: http://www.environmentalistseveryday.org/solid-waste-management/environmental-waste-garbage-safety-first/index.php Honors for this video (9) #17 - Most Discussed (10-18-09) - Autos & Vehicles #48 - Top Favorited (10-18-09) - Autos & Vehicles #84 - Top Rated (10-18-09) - Autos & Vehicles #13 - Most Discussed (10-19-09) - Autos & Vehicles #98 - Most Discussed (This Week: 10-19-09) - Autos & Vehicles #32 - Top Favorited (10-19-09) - Autos & Vehicles #57 - Top Rated (10-19-09) - Autos & Vehicles #65 - Most Discussed (This Week: 10-21-09) - Autos & Vehicles #70 - Most Discussed (This Week: 10-25-09) - Autos & Vehicles Almost 300 Views in the first 24 hours! THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!!! 1000 Views in 6 DAYS!!! (10-24-09) THANK YOU ALL, I'm really glad you've enjoyed this video!!! 1384 Views in the first week (10-25-09) Thank You! 2000 Views! 10-28-09 3000 Views! 11-12-09 10,000 Views! Jan 3, 2010 30,000 Views! Mar 30, 2010 (Now My Top Video) 100,000 Views!!! Aug. 8, 2010