Wera Zyklop Ratchet

ben - September 25, 2012
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This high rate of work is the result of a special rotating mass design that can spin at particularly great speed at the 0° position. In conjunction with the particularly ergonomic, rotationally symmetrical Kraftform handle known from other Wera screw tools the Zyklop ratchet accelerates the screwing process. The name was suggested by its unusual design reminiscent of the powerful Cyclops of mythology. Detlef Seyfarth, Marketing Manager at Wera, commented on the background to the new development: A good ratchet not only belongs in the standard tools for a mechanic, but is practically the heart of every tool box. We have therefore pursued a particularly demanding line in the product development. With the powerful Zyklop Wera is now presenting not only a simple ratchet, but a tool that combines the advantages of many ratchet types and screwdriver tools and in addition is unbelievably fast. This means that many fields of work involving screwdriving operations can be covered optimally with the one tool, and the user can profit in addition from the particularly good transfer of forces. The main advantage lies in the speed: the Zyklop works three times as fast as conventional ratchets. For instance, with its swivelling head, the Zyklop also assumes the function of a flex head ratchet. The predefined lock positions at 0°, 90°, and 15° (from the 90° position) ensure reliable work without slipping. Slide switches on each side are used to disengage at any position. The swivelling ratchet head can also be used on screws that are otherwise difficult to access. The Zyklop is suitable not only for the powerful loosening and tightening of screw unions, but also for delicate work in sensitive areas. As a reversible ratchet with fine-pitched teeth it has a backlash angle of only 56°. This facilitates precise work with small strokes and screwdriving operations in highly confined situations without adequate room for leverage. With the ratchet head at 0° the Zyklop can take a bit and be used as a screwdriver as well. Here too, the rotating mass design provides for considerable acceleration of the screwdriving process.