AeroFin XL Tail Device from Wabash.
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Wabash National Corporation has expanded its product line to include the new AeroFin XL Tail Device. This fifth device in their trailer aerodynamic solutions product line is designed to improve fuel economy and aerodynamics on trailers.

“After extensive research, development and testing, we’re pleased to offer the AeroFin XL as another option to help fleets reduce their fuel consumption, operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.” said Brian Bauman, vice president and general manager.

When used as a standalone device, the AeroFin XL can provide 4% improvement on fuel economy. When paired with Wabash’s National’s Ventic drag reduction system, the device can provide over 10% improvement in fuel economy. When paired, these devices are EPA SmartWay Elite verified as an aerodynamic device combo. This program acknowledges systems that provide the highest levels of fuel efficiency.

AeroFin XL Tail Device from Wabash. ©2015 Wabash National Corporation.

“We have a responsibility to our customers to continually provide innovative solutions that lower their total cost of ownership,” said Bauman.

The AeroFin XL features an aerodynamic tail which directs the airflow towards the rear of the trailer to reduce drag. The device is both durable and aerodynamic and has the ability to retract automatically with swing-door operation. This feature does not require any additional involvement from the operator and does not impede the loading process.

Wabash National has introduced 4 aerodynamic solutions for trailers this year alone. Along with the AeroFin XL, the company has also released the Ventix DRS, AeroSkirt CX, and AeroFin Tail Device. The product line is commercially available.
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