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The International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA) annual conference in Phoenix will be in for quite a treat this week. Wabash National Corporation plans to reveal their new line of dry and reefer truck body units at the conference this week held in Phoenix. The new body structure will enhance productivity, maximize fleet life expectancy, and reduce maintenance costs.

The new truck line has a new composite panel combined with a bonding assembly technology that offers an increase in 25% for thermal efficiency. This is compared to conventional units which also have an added weight of up to %15. The new models are able to add these improvements without sacrificing efficiency and strength.

Wabash’s group president of commercial trailer products, Brent Yeagy says, “We’re very conscious of a shift happening in the trucking industry fueled by re-urbanization and e-commerce trends.

The new truck bodies are built with Wabash’s DuraPlate composite panels.

The changing industry is motivating companies to come up with new body designs. Shipper needs are changing and the increase in regulations make this a competitive and demanding industry. In order for companies to meet new regulations and safety procedures, trucks must have their rear underride guard inspected to Canada and U.S standards.

“Although we’re in a limited production phase currently, we will continue to ramp up production for both dry and refrigerated truck bodies over the next 18 months” said Yeagy.
Wabash National