Wabash hyrbrid flatbed trailer
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In Lafayette, Indiana, Wabash is doing wonderful things to improve the safety of their 53-ft. dry van trailers. With the creation of a brand new rear impact guard, they’ve managed to reduce the damage done by rear impact collisions.

Wabash has dubbed the new impact guard the RIG-16 and will be showing it off at upcoming Technology & Maintenance Council Spring meetings.

Concerns about safety prompted Wabash to devote a large portion of it’s time and resources into the development of the RIG-16. According to Wabash president, Dick Griomini, they feel they have a responsibility to keeping their customers as safe as possible while they’re using Wabash trailers. “Safety is our number one value and priority, and we have a responsibility to our customers and the motoring public to continue to advance our trailer designs to new levels of performance,”

Wabash’s steadfast commitment to safety is why, despite the fact that the company’s rear impact guards have exceeded the criteria set by both Canada and the United States, the company continues to improve the system. In addition to having some of the best designers in the world on their team, Wabash also works closely with multiple premiere testing facilities to simulate a wider variety of impact scenarios which allows Wabash to better understand what steps they can take to keep customers safe.

Features that set the RIG-16 apart from other guards include: the addition of 2 vertical posts as well as reinforced bumper tube that’s longer than other modes. The high strength steel is strong enough to maintain its shape in an accident and has been galvanized so it won’t rust.

Even though the RIG-16 only started to be produced in a limited capacity in January, Wabash customers are impressed with the new rear impact and have already started placing orders. J.B. Hunt Transport Services has ordered 4,000 trailer vans that will be equipped with the RIG-16.
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