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Brenda Alderson has been named the first female president of the Transportation Maintenance & Technology Association (TMTA.) She will accept the position from the last president, Jake Francis and will lead the Waterloo chapter. She is not only the first female president of this chapter, but also of any chapter within the group. There are chapters in several other regions, all of which bring professionals together to network and enjoy educational events revolving around truck maintenance and transportation. Alderson serves in fleet maintenance support and worked for Erb Transport for 18 years.

As the TMTA president, Alderson wants to engage the members and get them more heavily involved in the field. The organization is volunteer run and not for profit. Alderson told 'Truck News' that it is easy to get people to come out for a meal, but harder to get them involved in meetings. But she wants each member to put extra effort into the association and give a little hard work back, using their talents to further the TMTA causes.

The term of president lasts for two years and the Waterloo chapter has 200 members. Alderson reports 100 show up for the networking dinners and she is excited that more women are starting to attend. She also hopes to bring in more members and highlight the benefits of membership to TMTA to those in the community that can get ahead with the organization. She also wants to promote the many different opportunities women have within the industry.

Alderson states that she first joined TMTA because she was interested in the issues that come up in the trucking and transportation field. She wanted to learn more about her truck and network so she could take news back to her company. She highly recommends membership to both men and women within the trucking industry. She says the industry holds many opportunities that go far beyond being in the shop and actually turning wrenches. She also says it is easier for women to get into the field now than it was when she first started two decades ago.

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